This is hostel one

I used to work at the hostel one chain, more specifically I worked for one of their hostels in Sevilla. This gave me unique user insight, both when it came to their frustrations and goals.

Community and wellbeing are important for the staff and guests alike at hostel one, this app tries to solve the most occurred complaints from our guests.


Identify users’ pain and present a potential design solution trough user research and empathy.

Main pain points

The hostel one chain has a website, but it is not mobile friendly, given that most of our guest are travelers, which means that they tend to pack quite light. This again means that they can’t bring their laptop.

As a result, the potential guests at a hostel one hostel will be frustrated because they find it hard to book a room through their phone. This will in most cases lead to lower turnover rates. This is also a big reason of why I chose to develop this idea mainly for a mobile device.

Below you can see the users most frequent pain points, and how my design can decrease their pain.

Solving for pain

Users find it hard to book a room

Users often said that they found it confusing/hard to book a room. I hope that presenting the room options in a clear way will make it easier to book a room. Additionally, the user can see the whole process on the top of the screen while booking.

I hope that this will give the user assurance and transparency trough out the booking process.


Users would like to feel more included in the hostel one community.

From the beginning the user is presented with the home screen, the spotlight section which features deals and news will make them feel included in the hostel one chain.

Additionally, the user can have a look at the activities within their hostel that they are staying at. I belive that a section for activities will invite my users to take part in the welcoming community of hostel one.


some users felt betrayed because of lack of honesty.

some users felt betrayed or tricked upon arrival, because the message that the hostel was putting out was not in line with the hostel upon arrival. Therefore, user trust was broken, which in return damages the hostel one brand.

with a wholesome review system and an individual review system from non-biased guests that have experienced the hostel before will ease and persuade new users to act with confidence and book a room.

Design process

User interview