The problem:

Employees in office spaces feel that temperature management is cumbersome, and are frustrated that their voice is not heard.

Solution and outcome:

A web app that allows employees to vote on the temperature. We also made supporting products to make temperature management more effective.


The sensors

We used Airthing's sensors to measure values in any given room or office space around the office.

The sensor measures:

 Meet Wave

Co 2


The most relevant information from the sensors is displayed on these cards in the web app.

Users can give their opinion regarding the temperature in meeting rooms, and in office spaces.

The map

The map is used to explain to users which office space they sit in the most, this ensures correct feedback.

Office name Zone name Zone name Subzone Subzone Subzone Subzone Subzone Subzone Entrance

Full web app

Supporting products

We made supporting products for the web app, these products aim to solve additional pain within the bigger picture, and make temperature management more effective and seamless. 

Air mascot

An air mascot allows users in meeting rooms to see the air quality in the room.

Users can interact with the mascot and give their opinion regarding the temperature directly. This is a great way of increasing retention rates.


Users can choose any of the methods on the poster and give their feedback directly. This is a great way of increasing retention rates.

Design process

Tools used

Size of team



"We really like the direction you
took the product!"

- Airthings(client)




Time spent

5 weeks

The team



I started by interviewing and observing users, insights are categorized
accordingly, and drives the design process.

The challenge

Employees are complaining about the temperature in
office spaces. 

Main pain point

The feedback loop between employees and janitor
is not going fast enough, therefore meaningful change

Is not happening.


Sprint meeting

We quickly generated and prioritized ideas that would
potentially solve the problem.

Our ideas seeks to answer these core questions:


Through research, we have concluded that this is our main user.

Key pain points:

Journey map

Looking at the wholistic journey from entering work, to
leaving work.

Pain found in the journey, and potential solutions to that pain:

HMW.. Potential solution Give Derek a platform to give hisfeedback? Give Derek an easy and convenientway of giving his opinion, that is not email/slack.
HMW.. Potential solution Give Derek the opportunity to changeor take away his opinion? Make it visually clear that his action isnot permanent and can be changed.
HMW.. Potential solution Give Derek feedback when or if the temperature has changed? Have live status of the temperaturein meeting rooms and office space.
HMW.. Potential solution Give Derek an objective reason totake a break? Have some sort of object that is easily visible, and says something regarding the air quality.
HMW.. Potential solution Assure Derek that he is givingfeedback to the correct office space? Have some sort of termostat with aname on it so users dont have to guess.
HMW.. Potential solution Give the sense of effectivecommunication between user andjanitor? Give him som feedback when he giveshis opinion, so that he knows that the message has been received.

Iteration and testing

Early flows

Share insights with developers, and get technical insights.

Testing and validating

Testing often and early, validating the idea along the way.
User insights drive the process further.

Iteration 1

Iteration 2


Iteration 3




This screen solves these pain points:

This screen solves these pain points:

Supporting products

Penguin (mascot)

This product solves these pain points:


This product solves these pain points:

Design handoff

I have included more specific flows, user stories, and specs
for each product for the client, so that it is easy for them to
develop the MVP further.


Goals achieved with this product

Let users give their opinion about the temperature in office spaces or meeting rooms without writing a long email.

Thanks to the sensors, users can see what the live temperature and air quality are in each room and office space.

Supporting products increases the activation and acquisition rate.

Summer internship

I had a blast with the other interns this summer, we had fun and made some great products in the process. Creating value for users and businesses alike.

Thank you for an amazing summer internship:

Special thanks to my client: