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Hi, I´m Rachid

Digital product designer

I create growth driven products through purposeful and strategic design.


Work experience and testimonials


“Rachid is proactive and a great team player. He is also very good at grasping new methodologies and tools.”

Design lead at IBM

Shilpa Marathe

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“Rachid is dedicated, skilled, polite and funny. He carefully pays attention to issues related to business, regardless of size.”

CPO & design lead at Folq

Helle Hoem - Martinsen

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SiO wanted a fully digitalized onboarding process for their new gym members. Our new solution is a flexible solution that increases conversion rates, and saves time for staff members at the gym.

Pubished 05.09.20

UI/UX design

Design system

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As part of a summer internship my team and I set out to solve the problem of temperature management in office spaces. We developed a web app and supporting products to make temperature management easier.

Pubished 20.08.19

UI/UX design

Service design

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As part of a university assignment, a classmate and I were tasked with redesigning The verse. Through a design sprint, we figured that our long-term growth question needed to be "how might we engage new and existing users?"

Pubished 18.01.19

UI/UX design

Product strategy

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